Photography by Naomi McKinney, Dillon Kydd, and Kirk Slow

The Livestreamers

We came to see it for ourselves, and stayed to tell the story.

Abby Grace

I opened up my facebook when I got home from being away, and saw the convoy notice, leaving in 5 days.
I burst out crying, and knew I had to go.
The greatest trip of my life, so much love, I wish everyone could have gone.

Adam Nucci

Bacon Ranch

We lived in central Canada and recently moved to small town Ontario and our 45 acre wooded heaven on earth! #gojetsgo

Beata O'Connell

Today, with so many others, I continue to fight for freedom. One, wise veteran told me:"we must be on a front line for the future of our children. We may not make it to the finishing line; but those behind us - may have a chance"... Nothing else can be added to it...Maybe only that in God's unity, love and obedience to His Law is our strength...

The Big Bear Movement

The Big Bear Movement is a lighthouse for the world; and what does a lighthouse do? It helps guide lost ships back to shore through the storms of life. Sometimes we need help from other people's guidance to get life back on track. We are a worldwide support network working to empower and bring hope and strength to the world. We want to help people heal through our stories of life struggles and overcoming them.

Bridge City News

Through daily newscasts, and online content, Bridge City News shares a grass-roots perspective of current affairs to serve our audience in Lethbridge, Southern Alberta, and beyond.

Chelsea Mooncrazy

Greg Wycliffe

Political commentary, humour, music, and news/media analysis from a Canadian. I was a PPC Candidate in Parkdale-High Park in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election. UNITY is our STRENGTH.

Kevin Kaye

Welcome to my channel! I'm a mobile app developer, radio DJ, video producer and social media enthusiast.

Kotab 123

Kristen Nagle

A dedicated nurse of 14 years, primarily in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Kristen Nagle has taken on a new role of activism and Health Care advocacy, after being terminated from her position as a RN for speaking up against the narrative. She is the cofounder of Canadian Frontline Nurses whose mission is to advocate for medical freedom, unite nurses, educate the public and bring ethics back into healthcare.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Former co-host of The 700 Club Canada Author/speaker/blogger. Born to courageously speak the truth.

Liberty Talk Canada

Liberty Talk Canada exposes the corruption of big pharma, the Canadian government, as well as worldwide corruption news. is a social media site that does not censor which is growing like wildfire. You can catch well known Canadian podcasters on and enjoy freedom of speech with like minded individuals, not to mention being up to date with the very latest news that is being censored on the mainstream channels.

Live from the Shed

The Shed Media is a team of truckers and working-class, freedom-loving Canadians. We are in the nation’s capital because our governments have spent two years locking us down, imposing unethical mandates on Canadians, and demonizing those who disagree with them. They can’t ignore us if we’re on their front lawn, livestreaming the truth to the world.

Machines Everywhere

This Youtube Channel brings you educational and entertaining videos featuring heavy equipment such as motor graders, wheeled loaders, and tractors. Also random satisfying videos of roofing, tree work, and anything else newsworthy of uploading. These machines do many jobs like construction, snow plowing, road work, and many other tasks.


It's like TV, but it's notTV! notTV is a cooperative of conscious content creators, filmmakers, musicians, artists, independent journalists, forward thinkers, revolutionaries, netizens, podcasters and advocates for a peaceful and harmonious, yet industrious and thriving world that supports the sustainability of the environment, Internet economy, humanity and the planet as a complete interconnected ecosystem.

Ottawa Freelance Photography

Hi there hope you enjoy some of my content, i've filmed pretty much everything if you enjoy snow removal operations, heavy equipement, garbage trucks, paving operations, road milling, sweeping trucks, LRT construction progress your on the right channel.


Hi everyone, I'm an Ottawa based YouTube channel providing walking & biking videos of this city and MORE! I film and edit all of the content on this channel, with the focus of documenting cites for artistic and historical purposes. Ottawalk with me in our Nation's Capital as we explore popular and not-so-popular areas of the city.

Palminder Singh

My name is Palminder Singh. Convoy transformed me into a badass freedom fighter. Canadian politics is like Netflix for me so I stopped watching Netflix. Freedom convoy was a prime example of love,light,peace and unity.

Paul Woodward

The days were long and cold but being surrounded by so many people showing their love of country while standing up for not only their individual rights but also the rights of every Canadian warmed me to the bone. In total my family and I made the journey 3 times. We are so proud to have been there to help hold the line and we'd do it again in a minute.

Peter Mac Isaac

Retired law enforcement / forest fire fighter
Entrepreneur and film production company owner
Avid outdoorsman, grandfather of 8

Press For Truth

Press For Truth - Smashing The Pyramid One Brick At A Time!


My name is Joe Anidjar. I'm a Hockey Dad fighting for freedom, my angle has always been about the kids and their ability to play sports. I started a group called Youth Sports Freedom Fighters which was a group to support parents and kids who were not able to play due to the mandates in sports. I grew it to 11k members on FB before being disabled. I will continue to fight for our country and our children! Im a proud member of Freedom Fighters Canada!

Raging Dissident

"Diagalon" is a fictional country that was inspired one evening during an episode of my podcast. Within its context, we engage in regional meet and greets, barbeques and family gatherings. Diagalon has enjoyed substantial growth amidst, and as a consequence of, the social, emotional, and spiritual isolation inflicted on everyone by the COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

Red Prince

Ron Clark Freedom Advocate

Scott Spidle

With two autoimmune conditions, Scott became severely ill with COVID, enduring multiple lung collapses, chest tubes, ventilators, and two major lung surgeries. Throughout this illness, he was able to find effective treatment interventions, while our health agencies and media maintained none existed.

Shirley Guertin

Shirley Guertin was protesting on Parliament Hill on May 2 2020, at the very start, with about 10 other people. The next day she founded Stand Up Ottawa, which then became Stand Up Canada. During those early months it was like pulling teeth to get anyone out to protest. Needless to say, it was especially thrilling and moving to see the thousands on the Hill during the Convoy.


Spreading Truth With Every Video! Live in-the-action or studio hot-takes!

The Transporter

Welcome to my channel "The Transporter". I will take you for a ride and show you how a trucking business is made and operated.

Travel Fun 69

Welcome to Travel Fun 69. Subscribe for new videos every week! Footage and live streams from popular tourist destinations around the world.


Hi my name is Scotty, I am a professional musician from Ottawa Canada and I get up to all sorts of things. I do my best to make daily videos on my channel detailing my adventures with music, pro audio, guitar and bass tube amplifiers, motorhomes, travel trailers, camping, sea-doo's, jet skis, and basically anything that interests me. Stay tuned for awesome videos on cool stuff and perhaps some bangin music along the way. Big Up!


Eric brings you BOOTS ON THE GROUND Independent Journalism. Livestreams, track days, anything automotive and more!

Viva Frei

Montreal litigator turned YouTuber.


H.A.I.L. Honor, Accountability, Integrity, Loyalty

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